Why do we hunt?

Why do we hunt?

Why do we hunt?-Gemsbok hunt
Gemsbok hunt

As a hunter the question as to why we hunt is asked frequently by non hunters. It is often a very misunderstood sport and pastime. The very notion of someone providing food like our ancient forefathers can not be comprehended if you have not experienced this tremendous privilege.

Hunters are true lovers of nature. The enjoyment of experiencing nature in it’s absolute raw format can only be experienced when you track an animal.

At the end we are true conservationists striving to have a sustainable wildlife population.


Author: Roelf

I am a fully fledged serial business man. I tend to get involved in all sorts of businesses and put my personal stamp on it. I am a professional accountant by profession which gives me great insight in the business world. My family is my everything and everything I do is for them. I have 2 lovely children that makes life worth living. I'm a simple straight forward person that loves nature and what god gave us to enjoy. Integrity and loyalty is very important to me and absolutely non negotiable.

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